dasbob submits a takeover offer to Signa Holding for Galeria

A real chance for this troubled company, with a true concept!

At dasbob, we value partnership and cooperation. That also means providing help to our partners when times are rough. Therefore, we decided, after careful consideration, to place an offer to take over the Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof retail chain, which had got into financial difficulties. The offer has been submitted to Mr René Benko, founder and chairman of the advisory board of Signa Holding. Signa Holding acquired Karstadt Warenhaus GmbH in 2014, as well as Galeria Kaufhof in 2018, and has been operating both companies as Galeria Karstadt Kaufhof since 2019.

The large department stores look back on a long tradition, being with us for generations and characterising the face of our city centres. In shopping centres, they have always been an anchor that has attracted other retailers. Shops in the immediate periphery of Kaufhof and Karstadt have always had locational advantages and benefited from a strong customer flow. When these locations close permanently, our cities do not only lose a possibly outdated department shop, but also a piece of identity and history. Not to mention the fact that the closure of the stores will also result in a significant decline in economic strength and the loss of a large number of jobs. We must prevent this. Therefore, we intend to save Galeria.

Currently, the media and press are filled with announcements that other online companies are also interested in acquiring the ailing department stores. Our offer dated 25.10.2022 is verifiably the first that has been submitted to the group of companies.

We have consciously submitted our offer to Mr. Benko and Signa Holding without any press coverage or media hype to avoid additional pressure on the owners. Our offer to acquire the company has been made - Frank Werneke, as chairman of the trade union ver.di, and the Ministry of Economics have also been informed. Now it is up to the decision-makers to choose the best one.

We are not interested that the future destroys the past in any way. We are taking what was then and combining it with something new.

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