About dasbob

  • dasbob - What is that actually? expand_more

    dasbob is the e-commerce revolution we've all been waiting for.

    As a full-range online shop, we offer everything your heart desires, cheaper than anywhere else, climate-neutral and delivered the same day. And we are so much more than just an online shop.

    We are revolters for a better tomorrow and against constantly increasing exploitation by large online corporations. Our ambition: a long-term positive change in our society, renewed liveliness in our inner cities and better community life.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • 10% cheaper every time? How does that work? expand_more

    Our Best Price Guarantee is always based on the current lowest price in e-commerce. Constant monitoring allows us to adapt This means you can always find a good deal in our online shop. By the way, you don't have to have a bad feeling - because our partner retailers will always be refunded their regular sales price by us. Only in this way can we achieve our goal of effectively supporting the local retailers and revitalising our inner cities.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • Can I become part of dasbob as a retailer? expand_more

    Yes, of course! That is our goal!

    We reach out to every retailer in Germany to join us in creating a better future.

    It doesn't matter if you already have an online shop, if you are a branch of a large chain or a retailer with a passion. Everyone who wants to be part of our revolution is welcome.

    We are currently still working on detailed information that we can make available to everyone. Therefore, contact us directly right now and send us an email to and we will explain the important steps to you individually.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • Expensive products for €1? How is that possible? expand_more

    We have found the key to happiness - and we want everyone to share in it. With bobbing, we enable everyone to afford their desires and also perhaps have things that were previously believed to be unattainable.

    Through a complex and very detailed algorithm, we make everything affordable for everyone through many. With bobbing, we offer access to actually high-priced items, such as consumer electronics, technology, smartphones or even cars, travel and real estate. All these products are already available for 1 €.

    Of course, we made sure during the development that everything always remains fair and that everyone really has the same opportunities.

    By the way, bobbing is closely linked to many of our other features, such as dasbob e. V. and our contribution to social projects.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • I live outside the city/in a countryside region, how do I get products delivered? expand_more

    For those cases where the delivery radius is larger than what we can cover with our bike couriers, we of course offer alternative options.

    To do this, we rely on logistics partners who are just as committed to emission-free deliveries as we are. In this way, we keep our promise to always be climate-neutral on the road.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • How long will it take for my order to be delivered? expand_more

    Our goal is to deliver every order on the same day.

    Whenever this is not possible, we aim to deliver on the next working day. For everything that generally has longer delivery times, e.g. because something is prepared individually for you, you can see the delivery times in the check-out.

    Do you have a preferred delivery date? Please let us know in the check-out and we will arrange it for you.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • Can I collect my purchase directly from the retailer? expand_more

    Of course you can! We are even very grateful if you pick up your goods from the retailer yourself, as this supports our idea of a modern and lively city centre.

    You can simply specify the pick-up time in the check-out, and you will then be told when your order will be ready for pick-up. When you pick up the goods is, of course, up to you - within the framework of the opening hours of our retail partners.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • An item is not available in my direct surroundings. Can I still order? expand_more

    You can order items throughout Germany and have them delivered. Especially for very specific goods, availability in the immediate vicinity is not always guaranteed.

    In order to keep our promise of emission-free delivery, we use reliable logistics partners for longer delivery routes, who then take over the delivery for us. Nothing else changes for you.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • Can I return goods? expand_more

    Our aim is to keep returns to a minimum. Of course, there are always reasons, especially in online retail, why purchased products should be returned.

    We offer you simple ways to request returns via your customer account. We offer various ways to process returns. You can choose a classic return route, by bike courier or climate-neutral parcel service, or you can hand in your return personally to the retailer.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • Are the dasbob terminals pick-up stations? expand_more

    Our terminals are vivid places in a frequented and central locations. Here you will find our customer service - real people who will answer all your questions about dasbob and what we have to offer. Relax over a coffee, exchange ideas with like-minded people in our SocialHub or discover the latest bob highlights on interactive displays.

    Our terminals are many things, but not a pick-up station. However, you can arrange for your purchases to be picked up and delivered via our on-site customer service.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • How does dasbob support social projects? expand_more

    It is important to us that we achieve real and comprehensive change in our society. This starts with bobbing - and being able to get everything for €1 - and goes much further.

    We let a large part of our profits flow into social projects. Our customers can decide which projects in their area should be supported. For those who are not so decisive, our own non-profit association dasbob e. V. takes over.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.

  • Which projects does dasbob e. V. support? expand_more

    Our non-profit association, dasbob e. V., primarily supports projects that benefit our society.

    We focus exclusively on domestic organisations and make sure that help and support reach where they are really needed.

    The main focus is on solving old-age poverty, combating youth crime and measures against social exclusion of all kinds. Our goal is a more liveable society with equal opportunities for a fulfilled life for all.

    Last update on 30.07.2023 by Miri.