The rebellion is on the move: with bobbing.

What do you need for successful hype? Four important things.

One: spirit of time.

We are launching the bob at a time when many people can no longer afford extras. New mobile phone? Bobbed. Cool jeans? Bobbed. World trip? Bobbed. New car? You got it...

Secondly: added value.

Bobbing goes to our deepest core. Through a well thought-out algorithm down to the smallest detail, our innermost needs are satisfied again and again in a short period of time.

Third: Bonus feature.

Every bobber is a local hero. Without exception. They actively support social projects in their neighbourhood. In the end, everyone has a lot of fun and feels good doing it.

Fourthly: Easy access.

bobben can be accessed at any time and from any place. Via our app, our online shop, in our terminals and, at a later point, also directly at our partners in the local retail shops.

Luxury for all.

Bobbing means making everything, by many, affordable for all. New Rolex for €1? Sports car for €1? Villa in Mallorca for €1? Let's do it. How? Just like that.

One click. One euro. One bob. Four seconds.

Every 4 seconds, we satisfy innermost basic needs and make dreams come true with bobbing. Every 4 seconds, a happy bobber becomes the owner of a new luxury item. Because bobbing is just that simple.

In many hours of work, we have developed a unique algorithm for our super feature. In a fixed scheme, everyone gets the same chance to exchange €1 for a high-priced product. Good feeling included.

Everyday items such as surround systems, premium cosmetics, consumer electronics, cult sneakers or other lifestyle products are available for bobbing 24/7. In special, time-limited promotions, we also give everyone the opportunity to get exclusive luxury items for as little as €1. The rules of the game are always simple. One click. One euro. A little thrill and a big portion of fun are included for free.

By the way, nothing is done for nothing with bobben. Every bobber actively supports social projects, into which a large part of our profits flow. This can be a project close to home or a national institution. For those who can't decide, dasbob e. V. takes over and supports selected social projects.

In this way, we prove that economic thinking and action can go hand in hand with humanity and social responsibility.