dasbob at your fingertips

KOMIKO starts developing the concept for the dasbob terminal cafés.

dasbob is an authentic, open and transparent company. To give even more meaning to these attributes, which we count among our key values, dasbob is becoming an internet company you can touch. To become experiencable, we create places of interaction - our terminal cafés in central locations inside city centres and urban districts.

We aim for our terminal cafés to be popular hot spots, inviting people to stay with their cosy ambience and attracting a wide range of visitors with the perfect mix of modern design and high-quality materials.

For this purpose, we searched for some assistance and found a partner in the KOMIKO team that exactly matches our ideas.

This young team is made up of specialists from the fields of shopfitting, spatial communication and, of course, the realisation of ideas in architectural construction.

KOMIKO will take over the concepts planning, visualisation and realisation of the dasbob terminal cafés for dasbob. With a fully integrated concept and combined expertise, the KOMIKO team will create a modular construction concept individually customised for dasbob - from the first sketch to handing over the keys.

Soon we can impress everyone with a fully animated and virtually walk-through 3D version for our first terminal café in Düsseldorf.

We are very happy to work together with the KOMIKO team and look forward bringing our many terminals into life together.

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