An honest word by the founder

To you.

In my professional career, I have seen a lot of things - the changes we have experienced in the past few years have gone beyond the bounds of common sense.

A few supposedly privileged people enrich themselves every day at the expense of a society that is at its performance limit. The change has moved us far away from each other as human beings and every day makes us a little bit more into modern slaves of the economy. Until we finally give up, exhausted, and we go into what should be a well-deserved retirement. But due to the greed of major shareholders, we are left with barely enough of our earnings to live well off of. Almost every day I have to see how elderly people who have in fact fulfilled their duties have to pick up bottles or go and beg in order to make a living. The same also applies to families and children from socially disadvantaged backgrounds, who are already faced with obstacles at the beginning of their lives. To see how injustice and greed determine every day who gets to live a satisfying life and who doesn't - that' s enough to me!

I created dasbob with the goal of returning all of our lives to a more liveable, friendly and thoroughly positive state, to restore the balance of power between society and the economy, and to fight the big online corporations.

During my voyage to this day, I have had countless conversations and received a great amount of consent. Almost everyone agrees with me that the time has come for radical change, and just as many are concerned about the future when they are made conscious of the descending spiral of our societal development.

It is urgent that we eliminate the heavy discrepancies between the economy and society. The economy must once again be an engine for our society, we must be able to all gain from what we achieve every day. No longer must people be little more than book-keeping figures for companies. All of this is part of the aims I am pursuing as the founder of dasbob.

I know that we will achieve our ambitious goals with dasbob, otherwise I would not be so dedicated to it.  But I am also aware that it can be a long journey until we reach our goals - and on this journey we would like to be accompanied by those who share our opinion and are just as tired of watching every day how our community continues to be dominated by greed, hatred, injustice and fear.

To achieve change, we need to work together and stick together now. United as a society, we can achieve the change we need and deserve.

Through dasbob, I offer a unique opportunity to become part of a change that will not happen a second time. Now is the time to begin!

Step out of your comfort zone - get into dialogue with me and let's discuss all the possibilities.

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